Killer Queen Joystick LS-38 (2024 Model)


Introducing the NEW official joystick for Killer Queen, the Seimitsu LS-38!

Compatible as a direct replacement for the LS-32 joystick in existing Killer Queen cabinets, the LS-38 ensures a seamless transition with enhanced performance. Building on the LS-32 design, Seimitsu tightened up the springs for increased resistance providing the LS-38 with more precise and responsive control.

Designed with an SE mount for easy installation compatible with existing Killer Queen cabinets, it also features a "Standard" restrictor plate for 2, 4, and 8-way movement. Elevate your gameplay with the Seimitsu LS-38!

All Killer Queens manufactured in 2024 or later will be using this updated joystick.

- Ball tops sold separately.

- Note that for older Killer Queen cabinets (ones without side art), you will need to replace these shafts with long shafts, sold separately.


What is the difference between the LS-38 and LS-32?

The major difference is the spring stiffness. The LS-38 spring has a 1.0 mm thickness, and 5.5 turns compared to the LS-32's 0.8mm thickness and 6.0 turns. From a "player feel" perspective, it has a noticeably "stiffer" feel. If you have the right tools and spring, you can modify an LS-32 joystick by replacing the spring to create your own LS-38. 

Why change the model?

After Seimitsu changed microswitch suppliers on the Seimitsu LS-32 in 2017, the LS-32 has experienced a greater likelihood deflection--commonly referred to by Killer Queen players as "glancing" or "snap-back." Deflection occurs when a joystick is engaged in one direction, and upon release of the joystick, the opposite direction is engaged briefly instead of a clean return to neutral.

Example: Holding right on the joystick and releasing your hand causes the player to turn left. On current LS-32s, you can reliably create deflection. On LS-38s deflection can still occur; however, we needed to make exaggerated motions to create deflection in our tests. 

Does BumbleBear recommend the competitive standards to be changed to the LS-38?

Yes. We feel that the reduction of deflection is so great that the added stiffness is worth the tradeoff. BumbleBear will make this a requirement for any future events officially run by BumbleBear Games.  

Although we recommend this new joystick, the adoption is at cabinet owners' and event planners' discretion.

General feedback from Queen players on the LS-38 is: it feels noticeably stiffer, but players felt they could adjust to this quickly. 

Please note: These new joysticks remain untested on older cabinets that require a longer joystick shaft/extension. We assume deflection issues will improve on these machines; however, until those machines upgrade their Control Panel Keypads, we cannot guarantee better performance.